Who we are

EFFETRESEIZERO Ltd works in agricultural, forestry and environmental sectors, in development planning and in local and national tourism for research centers, private and commercial companies.

In 2010 EFFETRESEIZERO Ltd was born as research spin-off supported by the “Consiglio per la Ricerca e la sperimentazione in Agricoltura (CRA-Roma)”. Territorial management and development, conveyance and distribution of technologies in forestry field are some goals of EFFETRESEIZERO Ltd.

The team of EFFETRESEIZERO Ltd has different expertise: forestry competence, techniques of biometric production and innovative models about complex events (artificial neural network), ability to understand the touristic value of the territory, radio navigation (GPS, DGPS/RT), use and personalization of GIS application (desktop, web and, especially, mobileGIS), LiDAR tool to characterize and evaluate woody biomass, sanitary and hydraulic competences in engineering field.

EFFETRESEIZERO Ltd works in realization of software, territorial analysis, technological consulting and vocational education of technicians.