State Forestry Corps – VI Unit

State Forestry Corps – VI Unit

Life “FUTMON” Project

Reference period: 2010 – 2012

EFFETRESEIZERO Ltd performed a specialized system to reveal and archive phyto-sanitary data (more or less 600 samples plots in the national territory) for CRA-MPF and the State Forestry Corps. With this project, Italy becomes the first country which digitalizes phyto-sanitary data in the ICP-Forest program.

FutMon (Further Development and Implementation of an EU-level Forest Monitoring System) is an applet of ESRI ArcPad which records data for survey, elaboration and control.  The system is composed by a mobileGIS (FutMon – Mobile) and a web database for the on-line archive, pre-elaboration and consult of data.

FutMon – Mobile has three functionalities:

  1. To control the efficiency and inclusiveness of data;
  2. The navigation with the GPS of ESRI ArcPad and the real-time visualization of forest;
  3. The implementation and the computerization of elaborations to obtain information such as the average navigation with GPS and the coordinates of trees during the field work.

The Web-database has two goals:

  1. To control the activities of surveys and to aggregate data in a unique centralized catalogue;
  2. To automatically realize  pre-elaboration and exportation of data in the right format.